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AxoPhibian 15th February 2014 05:13

[WANTED] white albino axolotls NZ
Hey, I am after some white albino axolotls (Ones with red/pink eyes) I live in New Zealand. I can travel to come pick them up. Post below or pm please.

nzaxie 18th May 2014 07:23

Re: [WANTED] white albino axolotls NZ
Had any luck?
I have 5 white Albino axies but I do not believe there are any others in NZ.

Spartacus 9th June 2014 03:02

Re: [WANTED] white albino axolotls NZ
They are around, just hard to come by. Most people who have them aren't breeding them, or are selling them at ridiculous unreasonable prices. A bunch of us breeders are working on making them more common and getting them out there, but could be a little while. I have some young who when they breed, will produce albinos, but that is quite a long way off.

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