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Jaiello 26th April 2019 16:09

Help! 12 day old Axolotl egg hatched on accident
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This is my first time with Axolotls. A friend is moving and her divider failed and she ended up with eggs that she doesn't have time for. She gave me 28 and 20 have developed beautifully. I seperated the eggs into 10 small glass fish bowls but during a water change my hand slipped and the turkey baster caught part of an egg and broke it open. The eggs have been in water at 68 to 70 degrees for 12 days. What do I do? Should I start hatching BBS for it or because it was hatched early should I wait another day or two? Do you think it will make it? I startled it and it darted around the bowl but in large circles which could just be because the bowl is round haha. I tried to upload the 3 sec video that I took of it swimming but it won't upload. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jaiello 26th April 2019 16:14

Re: Help! 12 day old Axolotl egg hatched on accident
They are 12 day old eggs and I seperated the little guy into his own bowl. He only swam because I tapped the bowl with my phone while trying to record it. Otherwise it's still which I know is normal until the yolk is completely absorbed. I've done a lot of research but have zero first hand experience.

Jaiello 26th April 2019 16:52

Re: Help! 12 day old Axolotl egg hatched on accident
Oh, and it's about 11mm long.

Viking 26th April 2019 18:35

Re: Help! 12 day old Axolotl egg hatched on accident
There is not a set rule when they will start to eat. It can be as little as 1 day or 4. The way to test if they are starting to eat. Put a small amount like half a index fingernail in the water. You should see orange in the belly. Also feeding larvae make little hops when eating. Each day will be different as they grow. You can always add more food but it is harder to remove excess Also for the first week keep the water shallow like 3 inches. They are not good swimmers.

You can probably keep them together until they grow the front legs. You might need to separate if they are large size differences.

Jaiello 26th April 2019 19:25

Re: Help! 12 day old Axolotl egg hatched on accident
Thanks! I felt it would be easier to separate them while in their eggs because they are easier to catch than tadpoles haha. The water is about an inch and a half to two inches deep. The bowls are really small. I went ahead and began hatching some BBS so I can start feeding him tomorrow. I just wasn't sure if that was too soon since he didn't hatch on his own. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I'll look for an orange belly like you mentioned. I'm less freaked out now.

I named him Doodle. It's short for Ooops-a-doodle which is the first thing I yelled right before the curse words started flying out of my mouth when it happened.

I appreciate the advice!

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