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jens 26th March 2007 22:13

I have a juvenile taricha for over month now and it is in a smaller tank, it has been eating regularly. I have an adult taricha in a larger tank. Would it be safe for the juvenile to co-exist with the adult?

ryan 26th March 2007 22:36

Maybe, I think that poses a risk to the smaller one though. You could try when they are the same size, you'll have to keep an eye on them if you do put them together regardless of size.

cameron 26th March 2007 23:28

I think it would be okay. How large is it?

jens 26th March 2007 23:44

tiny compared to the adult. they just look so lonely. but big enough that i dont think the juvenile could be eaten.

foster 27th March 2007 00:39

The larger one may not try and devour the smaller one outright however during feeding it may inadvertently bite it if the two are close by. This could cause severe damage if not death. If it were me I would keep them separate. Do not worry about them being "lonely". Newts are generally not social animals outside of the breeding season and even then it is only for reproduction. They do not possess emotions.

jennifer 27th March 2007 01:06

I agree, you don't need to worry about loneliness. I would say wait until the juvenile is larger.

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