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jesper 26th February 2005 16:43

Hmm, I am looking around for white and grindal worms just to make sure I have a supplier in case of emergency but I can't find any reliable sources. Since I have ordered from the UK several times before with great success I am mainly looking there. I find suppliers on the aquarist classifieds from time to time, that's about it.
So where do you british boys and girls find yours?

mike 28th February 2005 01:23

Hi Jesper, I use:

jesper 28th February 2005 17:53

Thanks Mike! They say they've only got mixed cultures.. Is this true or is it only white worms?
I'm primarily looking for grindals...
Also is the cultures bigger than usual? They charge double the amount that I have payed before so I hope so ;)
It's cheap anyhow since you don't need to buy new ones but you always compare to the rest of the market anyhow eh...the market seems to be somewhat limited at the moment though...

justin 28th February 2005 21:28 cheers justin but worms direct give you about 4 times this much

phoebe 10th June 2006 09:58

I just buy mine from shops but i heard that Pets at home supplies frozen ones, you must e-mail them for details and i think you can order them.

Romeo 9th April 2008 16:56

:confused:I searched all over Goa, India,could not get anyone selling these white worms, I need to know if any one can help me by telling me how to start it without a start up culture, if it is possible, please help if u can:(

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