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juliesr 20th January 2018 17:14

Taricha granulosa eggs
I have some taricha granulosa eggs for TRADE ONLY. I am interested in the following species in any life stage:

Tylototriton (Any)
Taricha (Any)
Salamandra (Any)
Cynops pyrrhogaster
Cynops ensicauda
Notophthalmus perstriatus
Echinotriton andersoni

axolotlfreak56 28th January 2018 21:53

Re: Taricha granulosa eggs
I understand you would like to do a trade only, however I have been looking for this species for quite some time. I would love to buy some eggs if you'd be willing to consider it.
Again, I didn't misread, I would just love to be able to finally obtain this species. PM me if you consider selling a few eggs.

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