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GazerOfStars 5th January 2012 07:10

Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
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A little while back I posted that I noticed one of my axolotls was getting red tips to his toes. No one really had any advice at the time so I just waited it out. (Previous thread )

The redness is still present and a couple of weeks ago I noticed darker veins in his tale.

Just tonight with a closer look I noticed some pin-size white dots on his tale and belly.

Pictures below.

Things to Note:

1) After I crashed my cycle I had them fridged for a few days. I reintroduced them to the tank. Nitrite was quite high for the longest time (Ammonia was 0). But as of a week ago the tank is completely cycled again. So, Could these just be unhealed Nitrite burns?

2) It could be from stress. I had a bubbler going pretty consistently for awhile. I've just recently turned it off to see if these markings go away. Also, now that he's outgrown his smaller hide that I had for him, he might not have adequete areas to hide when I have my room lights on. I plan to build a bigger one for him soon.

3) He's been tending to float near the top lately. He doesn't seem bothered by it though and has the ability to rest on the floor of the tank as well. It's just unusual to see him floating near the top so often now.

4) The tank now has 0 ammo 0 Nitrite, and a very low Nitrate reading. It is a bare-bottom tank. There is a divider so there is no possibility of Axie-fights. They're both eating very healthily on earthworms. I see no visible "Fluff" that is common in fungal infections. And I have no idea what a bacterial/what any other ailments might look like.

I've read that red markings can be signs of stress. So while I don't have an adequate hide I've been trying to exist in my room with all the lights off.

Like i said, He's been like this pretty consistently for the past month or so, I've been patient but the new dots are making me concerned. Any advice would he helpful!

lollypop 5th January 2012 09:09

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
Have to say I have really no idea?

Are the red vein's consistently there or is it just after food? Stress?

The white bumps, on the thumb nail pic it looks like they could be quite big bumps, but when you open the pic, they seem to look like tiny skin pores.

Can see the red toes well.

I think someone with more experiance is gonna have to come to a conclusion on this.

Apart from swimming more, is there any other unusual behaviour, are they eating well.

As you have the tank divided do they share the same water, and if so is the other one showing any signs of anything.

GazerOfStars 5th January 2012 09:32

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
The red veins are consistently there. And yeah, I'm referring to the small bumps. Anything else is probably just random debris the camera picked up. This could be normal, as these are my first Axolotls and I don't know if this is standard of an Axie growing up.

They have a very healthy appetite :)

They share the same water, the divider allows water to pass through. I can't imagine this would be the problem, but the filter is on the other guy's side (the one not pictured.)

The other one does show some similar signs, but not quite as prominent as this one. The tail has some noticeable red veins in it and I spotted two toes that are showing signs of redness. If you think it's relevant I can post a picture of Albi as well. Artisotle is the one in the pictures above.

Again, this could have been caused from the poor water parameters(High nitrite) and hopefully these signs will disappear :\ But, I know nothing of these types of wounds and I'm looking forward to some expert advice :)

mrspeckles 5th January 2012 10:12

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
I'm not really sure what could be causing these symptoms, but an albino I once had often had darker or more prominent veins and colouring when my tank temperature rose in summer. Feeding bloodworms also seemed to effect her colouring for some reason.

lollypop 5th January 2012 10:40

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
That's kinda what I was thinking, (feeding) my albino gets really red gills after feeding then kinda gets a whole body flush.
Could the veins and things be more pronounced as its growing in those area's.

I know blood streaking in fish fins is usually down to water quality ( I know there not fish:D)
But as that has all been sorted out now it could just be that it's growing and or healing.

I'm trying to get a really close look at my bubbles (she is swimming at my right shoulder and every time I get a side view she turns to look at me:rolleyes:)

She has white dots where the flesh meets the fin, if that makes sense, then it kinda moves towards white splotches on the fin.

So I think there normal.

I would think that it's ok. But if one of the knolageble ones peruses you thread and see's the replys and thinks, nope your wrong then they will say so. :grin:

GazerOfStars 5th January 2012 11:03

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
Thanks Lolly :) Even though we're not certain, what you've said has put my mind at ease just a little bit.

I can't really notice any white dots on Albi, not yet anyways. It could be possible that Aristotle is growing a tad faster. *Shrugs*

Still looking forward to some more thoughts, Thanks! :)

Kaysie 5th January 2012 14:37

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
I think you guys all made excellent points about what causes redness.

Also, you don't mention the temperature of your tank, but if it's cold, that could cause more prominent veins too, as your axolotl respirates more through it's skin.

The spots look like normal coloration to me.

GazerOfStars 6th January 2012 01:18

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
The temperature generally ranges from 66-70 degrees
Fahrenheit. I use frozen water bottles to cool them ( Temperature swings... Another possible cause of stress :S)

Like someone else mentioned the white dots are most easily seen in the gap where the fin meets the body. This worries me since Aristotles tail looks so red and wounded.

GazerOfStars 10th January 2012 01:14

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
Got a new PVC hide for Aristotle. He seems to like it so far.

One thing to note, now and again I notice his legs twitching. Not sure what this means.

KingCanon 13th January 2012 03:16

I am by far the least qualified person to offer any diagnosis but I read somewhere (a book not a random post) that red toes in albinos is a sign of sexual maturity. So that could scratch one symptom from the list.

Hope that helps and that all is well

I am here:,-2.546011

GazerOfStars 13th January 2012 03:41

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
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That would be great news if that's the case.

Whatever this is it can't be anything too malicious as they've had these markings for over a month now and are still with me. But I would still worry if it's some kind of slow-moving skin disease/problem.

Something I forgot to mention, but some of Aristotle's toes seem a bit..mangled/stubby? I'll post a couple of pictures that I just took so you can see what I mean.

Again, there is a divider so there is no possibility for an Axie-fight.

lollypop 13th January 2012 08:05

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
Mangled slightly miss formed can mean that at some point someone has had a little nibble. And they grew back slighty less than perfect. Although it could just always have been like that. :D none of us are perfect. Right.

I have seen black toes, and white toes for maturity, so it could be there heading that way. :D

GazerOfStars 13th January 2012 08:38

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
Unless he nibbled his own toes :P They've been separated since they were itty bitty. My theory is that the toes are trying to heal after "The redness" Struck.

lollypop 13th January 2012 11:34

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
Could be. :D though maybe he decided to see what it was like to bite his nails, for stress relief . :rolleyes: :D

GazerOfStars 13th January 2012 12:18

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots

Originally Posted by lollypop (Post 321456)
Could be. :D though maybe he decided to see what it was like to bite his nails, for stress relief . :rolleyes: :D

For all the stress they cause me, maybe I should take up that habit. Lol :D

KingCanon 14th January 2012 01:35

Could it be a nutrient deficiency? This is me thinking what causes similar symptoms in humans so as I said I'm merely moving hay for want of a needle.

I am here:,-2.546067

GazerOfStars 14th January 2012 09:12

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
I welcome all ideas :) It is with the collective knowledge of our fellow members that problems like these gets solved.

But, I doubt it's a lack of nutrition. I feed them each an earthworm once a day (or part of one if the worm is particularly beastly.)

andyng00 16th January 2012 08:20

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots
how big is she anyway ???

GazerOfStars 16th January 2012 09:22

Re: Red toes, veiny tail, and now white dots

Originally Posted by andyng00 (Post 321836)
how big is she anyway ???

Around 5 inches long.

KingCanon 16th January 2012 11:39

I've been keeping up with this and recently noticed a similar set of symptoms. Mine are both fine but have picked up a couple of spots along their tail. They both seem fine and there is nothing I can think to be stressing them other then the fact i've switched them to feeding every other day. I've put some pics up on my profile and most here agree its nothing to worry about.
If your worried about it becoming fungus or being fungus (as I was seeing the white spots in mine) I've been advised indian almond leafs. Dried, you float them in the tank and they help clean up the infection. You can buy them off e-bay mine were 3 or so. Bought them just in case really.

Hope that puts your mind at ease.

I am here:,-2.546005

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