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atomicfire 4th May 2011 13:43

Question for the pros about feeding!
I recently bought 3 aquatic caecilians and I know a lot of my basics with them but I am unsure how much I should be feeding them! I have been giving them a combination of blood worms and leaf worms so far. Guess I'm curious how many frozen cubes or live earth worms I should allow per feeding with 3 of them in the tank?? They are supposably 4 years old and are all between 10-12" long! They always seem hungry so I'm worried I am not feeding them enough. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

micstarz 25th May 2011 04:27

Re: Question for the pros about feeding!
With mine, I found that leaving ghost shrimps in the tank for it to hunt was extremely dangerous as the shrimps were nibbling on the caecelian's skin during the day, resulting in raw sores, so you should keep away from those...

You might want to consider switching them onto a staple of sinking newt/axolotl pellets if possible...

atomicfire 26th May 2011 08:23

Re: Question for the pros about feeding!
I actually enjoy feeding my Caecilians a mix of live and dead food! I think that is half the novelty of owning them! I'm not sure that these would take pellets. I have them on the same diet as the previous owner so I'm not sure how well they would adapt to the pellets. I have gave them several Ghost shrimp already! I like adding them from time to time just for clean up purposes but i will head your warning that they could injure my caecilians and limit their exposure to them. So far they take freshwater variety pack cubes, bloodworms,earth worms, wax worms and ghost shrimp. They also took down a feeder guppy that was weak. I'm mostly concerned with how much I should be allowing them each feeding! They seem to really like food! They have great appetites and are active and shedding regularly!

micstarz 26th May 2011 12:14

Re: Question for the pros about feeding!
Sounds like you're feeding them well then! How many times do you feed a week? I usually feed my 18" T. natans around 10 turtle sticks or cichlid pellets once every 2 days supplemented with f/t ghost shrimp and gambusia about once every week or two and it's worked so far with me...but the dry food I fed was of the floating type and my caecelian had learnt to scour the top for them.

atomicfire 26th May 2011 17:19

Re: Question for the pros about feeding!
I feed them daily and they get different things from day to day! Usually if they get live worms one day they get frozen the day after that!

micstarz 27th May 2011 04:12

Re: Question for the pros about feeding!
Oh, your caecelians get a pretty good diet then imo :D

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