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Castanea 18th April 2015 14:37

New Axolotl With Short Curled Gills On One Side
Hi I just got my axolotl maybe a week ago. Since being with me he has had his gills on one side of his neck much shorter than the other side, I'm also noticing they are curling forward while the longer ones on the other side stay relatively straight or back. His tail doesn't seem to be curling but I do see him curl it in occasionally. He is moderately active but a little less so than when he first was placed in the tank.

Parameters are looking good, the only mishap was I believe he ate a male guppy that was accidentally left in the tank, he is eating fine though. I have never seen him poop... but he doesn't look bloated.

Basically I'm wondering what's up with the short gills? Could they be stunted for some reason? His gills have also gotten more fluffy even though I have an air stone in the tank.

I'm going to see if I can get some pictures later today.

rachel1 18th April 2015 15:57

Re: New Axolotl With Short Curled Gills On One Side
Pics will definitely help. Hard to say without looking at it.

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