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gr33neyes 28th April 2009 18:31

breed type.
Hello peeps, I havent posted in quite a while but I saw something today that got me thinking:eek:.
A shop (pet shop) was selling axolotls and they had them named as 'Gold phase axolotli'. Now to me they just looked like golden albino's as they had red eyes. Can someone tell me if the 'Gold Phase' bit actually exists.

Neotenic_Jaymes 28th April 2009 18:42

Re: breed type.
There isn't a color phase for axolotls. They were most likely gold axolotls. Petshops like to add and try to emphasize things about animals and even sometimes lie. If you want the facts just to go and head to the color and genetics page.

gr33neyes 28th April 2009 19:07

Re: breed type.
Thats exactly what I was thinking. The worst part was they were being kept in totally unsuitable conditions. I have emailed the manager and will be following it through if they don't resolve the issues I alerted them to.

The price they were asking for them was unbelievable. They were asking 49.95 (fifty quid) EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only paid 12 for mine.

Darkmaverick 29th April 2009 03:54

Re: breed type.
Hmm that smells like inethical marketing ploy.

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