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Emberaria 5th August 2014 20:47

New Sand Substrate Effects?
Hello! I am new to Axolotl keeping and have myself 2 beautiful babies of my own. I've had them for 1-2 weeks now? At first I was keeping them in a 10Gallon tank with gravel, but like everyone else, I soon enough found them nomming on the rocks (uh oh) So I went online a purchased "CaribSea Super Natural Premium Aquarium Substrate". Got it today and rised it ohh lets say 5 times... in a 5 gallon bucket. I placed it in my aquarium, filled it once more (my Axxies are in a tuperware at that moment). The water is kinda sorta cloudy. This doesnt bother me much until I place my lil guys in their tank and they are sorta flipping out? Swimming all over the place. They had accidentally swallowed some of the sand cause I watched them spit it back out...

So much question is, are they going to be okay? I dont want them stressed and I dont want them to suffocate? Should I put them back in the tuperware until the tank clears out?

Thanks... any advice helps :c

Cacique 6th August 2014 04:51

Re: New Sand Substrate Effects?
I'm not really sure if the sandy water would freak them out. Just to ask, did you dechlorinate the water when you filled the tank? And have you tested the water parameters? And what is the temperature in the tank?

Connor 6th August 2014 11:34

Re: New Sand Substrate Effects?
Wouldn't think the cloudy water would cause as much of a problem, assuming your parameters are correct it could of been due to the sudden change in temperature ?

Boomsloth 7th August 2014 01:25

Check the pH of your normal tap and then the tank and see if it's been drastically changed

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