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pinksmog 4th May 2019 01:36

Where to get necturus?
Looking everywhere, does anyone know where to get mudpuppies or dwarf waterdogs that are for sale? Or best places (specifically) on the east coast to try to catch some legally?

Tarabull 13th May 2019 04:11

Re: Where to get necturus?
I saw this tonight. I don't know anything about the person selling, but you may want to check it out. It is on a classifieds site.


We do not condone the sale of wild caught animals, or the sites that sell them. The wild caught amphibian trade is detrimental to the species. The large scale harvesting that this requires decimates local populations.

If you want a wc animal, we advise collecting it yourself. If you do not live in the area the species you desire is found, you should spend time here on the forum getting to know people and eventually you may find someone willing to trade something they catch for something you catch.

If you spend more time on the forum, you will learn more about the negative consequences of buying wild caught specimens, and about ecology of caudates in general.
If you wish a captive bred species of newt, there are often newts advertised for sale in the ads section.
Thank you for your understanding.

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