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paul 12th October 2004 15:07


Some pics of my two unusual coloured C.e.p. female. Own breeding (00 and 01).

anthony 12th October 2004 15:13

paul they are beautiful newts.

ira 12th October 2004 15:26

very interesting coloration. have any of their offspring exhibited similar traits?

TJ 12th October 2004 15:35

Those really are unusual

Seems you've had great breeding success.


paul 12th October 2004 20:19

The grey one is from autumn 2000. After metamorphosis it was typical black like the other C.e.p. juvenile. But within the first year it became lighter and lighter.

The other is from spring 2001. It was nearly completely brown after metamorphosis. Within the first year more and more black spots developed (look at photo archives of Cynops Register):

Until now I did not have more of such funny C.e.p. - but I take only 30 to 50 of the hundreds and hundreds eggs out of the tank, and I give the juvenile away short time after metamorphosis. So I do not know if this unusual color could pass on to the new juvenile.


john 18th October 2004 20:57

I'm wondering if this might have something to do with in-breeding? They are lovely but obviously they wouldn't last long in the wild.

paul 19th October 2004 11:47

John, maybe?
But in this message:
Tim also posted a drawing of an red C.ensicauda!
A monograph of the tailed Batrachians of Japan.
Sato, I. 1943.
Nippon Shuppansha, Osaka. 520 pp.

And in an other message he also mentioned a link to a photo of an other red wild caught C.e.
Can not find the link.


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