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AxolotlLove327 15th May 2015 21:29

Axolotl Fungal Infection?
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My Axolotl seems to have a fungal infection, but I'm not sure. I've also noticed his bills are curled forward, and the frills are gone. What's that all about? The water parameters are fine, and the temp is a few above 60F. I've attached some pictures of his head, where the infection seems to be.

AxolotlLove327 15th May 2015 21:36

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
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Here's the other pic

LSuzuki 16th May 2015 01:10

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
Specifically, what are the "all fine" water parameters? Since I don't know your level of expertise, I can't tell if your definition of "all fine" matches that of the experts.

Based on the experiences of many, high nitrate levels sometimes trigger fungal infections. Does it look fuzzy, like a bit of cotton ball? It is hard for me to tell from the pictures.

It almost never hurts to change the water more often, and sometimes that helps with fungal infections.

xxianxx 16th May 2015 01:44

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
Doesn't look like fungus or heat stress. Did the white patch just appear ? Gill loss can be down to water quality, you said your water was fine, what did you test for and what were the results ?

AxolotlLove327 16th May 2015 01:58

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
I have noticed that the nitrites are high, I'll do a water change. And no, the spot doesn't seem fuzzy at all. I'm actually out of town right now, but I'll be back tomorrow and I'll test the water and relay it to you. I have drop tests for ammonia, but everything else is strips.

AxolotlLove327 16th May 2015 02:02

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
And to answer nai lives question, the spot has seemed to always be there, but has become more noticeable the past few days. I'll be back tomorrow and test the water

xxianxx 16th May 2015 02:10

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
Some axolotls can have different coloured patches on them, its more noticable on darker ones like melanoids and wild types. Melanoids darken up as they get bigger, their skin thickens, you can see this on light morph juvies, you can see internal organs on them but not adults. The white patch on your guy may just becoming more visible as it darkens with age.

AxolotlLove327 16th May 2015 16:04

Re: Axolotl Fungal Infection?
Great, thank you

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