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Gibster477 20th November 2017 20:20

Cannabalism among notophthalmus viridescens?
I currently have a couple adult n viridescens and some newly morphed red efts (morphed this summer so have a few months of growth on them). The adults are being kept aquatic (with some areas to emerge if they need but they rarely if ever do) and the efts are in a terrestrial forest floor setup. In an effort to save space in my ever expanding newt room I am thinking of creating a pond-shore style paladarium in a spare 40 breeder with water for the adults and a large land area for the efts. My concern is that the efts are quite small, 2-3 inches and I am not sure if the adults would prey on the efts. Is this a valid concern or would housing them together go ok as they are the same species?

Thank you!

schmiggle 21st November 2017 05:21

Re: Cannabalism among notophthalmus viridescens?
My guess would be no, since efts are distasteful and highly toxic if ingested.

Nativenewt 22nd November 2017 00:37

Re: Cannabalism among notophthalmus viridescens?
If you are keeping the efts with the adults in an aquatic/ terrestrial setup, just make sure that there's no way the efts could drown and be trapped in the water.

Thomas F 28th November 2017 10:00

Re: Cannabalism among notophthalmus viridescens?
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I see it like Nativenewt, the main risk is drowning because the efts will fall accidently in the water. I keep red efts without any problems together with terrestrial adults.

BTW If the red efts been bred in captivity they seems to be none toxic.


PhilbertCoffee 13th June 2018 00:01

Re: Cannabalism among notophthalmus viridescens?
I've never had trouble with keeping them together. They hardly see each other since they stay in different environments.

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