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mark 7th January 2006 16:43

I rarely take photos of my set-ups, mainly because I keep them as simple as possible with no substrate and mainly plastic plants. Makes for easy cleaning but boring photos. Anyway here's a pic of one of my Pleuro larvae tanks. This one contains the largest larvae on the verge of morphing. Sometimes even simple tanks can look quite nice...
Mum and Dad still at it...

jennifer 7th January 2006 22:52

Quite nice, Mark, I'd say it's somewhere between "simple" and... "unsimple"? Simple with attractive complexity. What is the wood-like item?

mark 8th January 2006 00:02

Well it's all fake apart from a handful of pond weed from the garden. The wooden structure is one of those fake root system castings you can buy in most aquatic shops. It covers a large fluvial filter on it's side and the chunk of slate sits over the output to minimize the current.

felipe 8th January 2006 16:03

Your tank is "simple"? I would say that it is very beautifull and looks very natural too!

brett 10th January 2006 06:14

Hey Felipe are you the one that came ta new zealand 2 years ago??

felipe 10th January 2006 22:36

Hey Brett, I think that is not me! I've never travelled to New Zealand... Why?

christian 22nd January 2006 19:06

I love it!!

kieron 22nd January 2006 19:14

nice tank an nice pics well done on the babies

michael 22nd January 2006 20:36

It looks good to me. Most of my tanks don't have real plants and aren't aquascaped. I find them easier to work with and sometimes better for the animals. Your tank looks a lot nicer than most of mine.

gord 23rd January 2006 18:01


As an owner/breeder of note, I'd be interested in seeing some of your Tylo tanks posted. Especially your Shanjing and Verrucosus set ups.


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