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Thomasbc 8th October 2013 14:57

Scuds and dafnies
I have some newts, and they Arne realy ekspansive to feed, so I were thinking about breeding my own. Can I use the same tank for both hyallela atzeka and dafnies?

mjmpt 8th October 2013 16:53

Re: Scuds and dafnies
I had them together for a while. After some months the daphnias disappeared.
I find it easier to have azteca by the window, reproducing and making green water. Then use the green water to feed daphnias, no need for light there.

Thomasbc 9th October 2013 15:44

Re: Scuds and dafnies
Okay, I Think I'll do that then. Thanks:happy:

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