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Shaunie1234 10th September 2018 16:07

How many pellets to feed my axolotl?
Hello, I am still quite new to owning an axolotl. I am unsure of the age of mine, but I am guessing that he is still young as he is not very big compared to pictures that I have seen. I am trying to get him to eat earthworms but he doesn't seem to love them so i have been supplementing with pellets. I have been using the Hikari carnivore pellets and he seems to love them, but I am not sure how many is too much because it seems that he could eat a lot of them.

If I give him worms he will eat about half of one and thats is and if I give him pellets he will eat 3-4 and still look hungry. Also I have seen the rule of thumb that their body should be the same size of their head, and his is a bit smaller.

JenaVega 10th September 2018 16:57

Re: How many pellets to feed my axolotl?
I remember having the same problem girl, he always looked hungry after I thought I fed him enough until, he started getting sick. I mean he started floating upside down, he looked like he was going to die. So i advise you 3-4 pellets everyother day, but dont forget to change up his diet. You can also try beefheart? Mines is just getting ajusted to it. I hope that helps.

Hayleyy 11th September 2018 03:13

Re: How many pellets to feed my axolotl?
Generally feed until they stop eating, every axolotl is different so you will learn over time how much he needs. One of my axolotls will eat 2 huge nightcrawlers and still hunt around for more, my other axolotl will eat one every 2 days. Half a worm sounds perfectly fine for a young axolotl, as for the pellets maybe try 5 and see if he's happy with that.
If you can post a pic of him we can see if he is skinny, or okay.

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