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erik 11th February 2005 19:19

My name is Erik Leitner and this is my first post. I am an elementary science teacher and am very impressed with the knowledge base I have seen as I have read through the forums.

I have recently obtained a mudpuppy through Underground Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They have an excellent reputation and have never done me wrong in the past.

Let me also say that I am aware of the differences between Tiger Salamanders and Mudpuppies and know that is not the case here.

My concern is that the Mudpuppy has not eaten in two weeks. I have tried many foods, but find the only one he has any interest in are Canadian Nightcrawlers. He will take them in but spit them up. He does not look too skinny, nor are his gills in poor shape. What do you suggest to help improve his appetite?

Thanks in advance,

Erik Leitner

paris 11th February 2005 19:24

try the smaller 'pan fish' worms (aka european night crawlers-avaiable at wal mart)the canadian guys are really big, if hes been off food for a while he might be better on smaller stuff...when you say he spits them up-does he do it right away, or some time later he upchucks them???

erik 11th February 2005 19:33

He spits it out right away. But he does take the whole thing into his mouth.

jennifer 11th February 2005 23:24

Has he EVER actually eaten one? If so, it may take a couple of days until he's ready for another one. If you can't find smaller worms, I recommend cutting them up:

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