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pedro 30th December 2004 16:53

hi all
i have a necturus, i saved from a pet shop.
he/she is almost 1' and was in very poor conditions with large cichlids in a tank with the temp 88F, now is in cold water(21C) and is doing very well and eating like a pig.
but my question is
he's almost 1' already and he's/she's been in warm water(88F) for so long now. can i low down the temp under 21C ??? i think it can be affected.
Thanks a lot

pedro 2nd January 2005 20:14

No One know ???

pedro 2nd January 2005 22:59

ok i will.

Thanks a very much Michael

chris 14th January 2005 18:02

are you sure that what you have is a N. Maculosus? they are fairly rare in the pet trade.

chris 21st January 2005 17:50

i got mine from a biological supply company, wards natural science

chris 23rd January 2005 20:01

mabey i do... i know alot of people

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