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kletsgo 14th October 2019 14:16

Anyone have experience with topsoil for axolotls?
Hey guys! I tried to look for a similar post to this but couldn't find one ANYWHERE. However, I apologize if this has been talked about already.

I was thinking about using topsoil in my axolotl tank to help my plants grow. I've heard that you can use this (organic and sterilized, of course) in aquariums, and I was thinking that you could use this in lieu of fertilizers, since they're not great for axies. Obviously, though, my baby is more important than my tiger lilies/banana plants (that are very quickly dying due to nutrient deficiency).

Any advice is appreciated!

bellabelloo 15th October 2019 06:25

Re: Anyone have experience with topsoil for axolotls?
I am going to say yes. When I have done a Walstad style tank for my various aquatic amphibians, I have used top soil, which is then covered in a layer of sand or grit. Plants had been planted directly into the soil first before adding the grit. I don't see why you couldn't do similar with just pots used for plants.

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