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lilsquid 16th August 2017 01:24

Selling Young Axolotls

I am new to the "breeding" side of axolotls and happened to come home a few times to some large clutches of eggs. I was wondering if I could get some advice on selling some young axolotls I have raised. I didn't have the heart to toss the eggs my axolotls laid so I have raised a brood (hatched around June 11) and I have another I am raising (hatched August 4). They also had another clutch in July but that clutch didn't make it. The oldest ones are around 3 cm in length and GFP leucistic/normal leucistic. I'm looking for advice on:
  • What size do I begin selling/shipping?
  • What is a good price? I do not want to over charge for the babies but also do not want to make it easy for "bad owners" to get ahold of them.
  • What are your suggestions for shipping?

I have a general idea on some answers to these questions from my research and reading forums on here but I would really appreciate some more input from my following amphibian lovers!

Mom is a GFP Leucistic and dad is a "blue gill" leucistic! They seem to be breeding once a month and a very fat and happy axolotls!

Eternie 16th August 2017 10:30

Re: Selling Young Axolotls
People generally start shipping them around 2 or 3in. and most definitely when they have all four legs.
Leucistic are normally like $25-$35 and GFP are usually $5 more than what the normal are.
I hope this helps! :)
Good Luck!!!!

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