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Ehhz 23rd July 2019 17:45

How dark do axanthic mels get?
A local breeder has a new batch of axanthic mels, some GFP. I love axanthics, but I'm worried the melanoid would make them turn out to be much darker than I am hoping. If anyone has pictures of adult axanthic mels, I would love to see them! Or any other knowledge on appearances. Thanks in advance. :)

KumquatSquats 25th July 2019 19:42

Re: How dark do axanthic mels get?
they normally are a grey-purple color, some get darker then others but most ive seen are like a mid-tone blue-grey (Eeyore from winnie the Pooh is the closest i can think to explain)

Kitan 18th November 2019 20:11

Re: How dark do axanthic mels get?
I actually dont have any axanthic 'lotls, so I cant answer your question, BUT I would be hesitant if I were you, especially if you are new to Axolotl care; axanthicism is the inability to produce pteridines (the yellow\orange pigmentation) and pteridines play a role in the immune system, so they have an even lower survival rate than other morphs :(

Kitan 18th November 2019 20:19

Re: How dark do axanthic mels get?
If you are just looking for more of an eyore coloring (as opposed to that purple hue), might I suggest getting a melanoid and putting him on light colored sand or a light towel under the tank if you are not using substrate? Juvenile mels try their hardest to blend and will often tend to lighter on light substrate :p

OH! One thing I CAN answer for you! From my research on genetics, Axanthic axolotls ARE ALL Melanoid :) How dark they are depends on luck and substrate color.

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