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Sith the turtle 2nd April 2017 17:48

Frog Forum error?
I know that this isn't Frog Forum, but since I cannot post on there it is worth stating it here to see if there is a solution to the problem. For about a month I can not view threads or make my own threads on Frog Forum. I can access the main home page, go to the forum, and view the thread lists, but I can not click onto a thread or attempt to make a new one, otherwise I get a database error message. I do not know if this problem is occurring just for me, but I do know when I was not logged in I could see the threads and view them, but since I was not logged in I could not post. Anyone know a solution? Or is it un-fixable? Thanks for viewing

Herpin Man 3rd April 2017 01:41

Re: Frog Forum error?
I've noticed the same thing. I have no idea what's wrong. Sometimes it works, and then minutes later, I get the error message.

John 3rd April 2017 04:20

Re: Frog Forum error?
I've just performed some work on it and I would appreciate it if you could tell me if the problem is still present please. Feel free to take a screenshot and post it here if it's still showing errors please. I can successfully view and post.

Sith the turtle 3rd April 2017 05:20

Re: Frog Forum error?
Yes, I can post again. Thanks for the help!

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