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dubs 6th August 2017 14:47

Free to Good Home - 2 adult axies, Teesside, Redcar
I'm moving to another country so it pains me to say I'm looking for a caring person to look after two lovely axolotls that I've had the pleasure of keeping for five years. One is a wild type and the other a leucistic.I believe one is male and the other female - although they have never bred. I bought them from a pet shop - captive bred - as juveniles, so they should be less than six years old. They're good eaters, curious, and as affectionate as axolotls get. They never deliberately fight - and I often catch them snuggling with each other.

I've not had any health concerns until very recently. A few weeks ago, the leucistic developed an odd gait - I think he may have injured his tail or pelvis. This doesn't seem to have affected his appetite, mobility, or general zest for life - he just looks a bit wonky when he moves. The wild-type has always been the figure of health.

I am also willing to give away my tank, filter, de-chlorinator, and a small wooden table suitable for the tank.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

The leucistic The wildtype Together

dubs 11th August 2017 13:05

Re: Free to Good Home - 2 adult axies, Teesside, Redcar
Sorry, I'm not sure how to delete this thread but my axolotls have now found a new home. Thank you for your attention.

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