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BurnsStPete 5th March 2018 05:13

S. Salamandra vivarium suggestions
Hello everyone,

I was finally able to find a beautiful captive bred fire salamander for sale locally. I was wondering if anyone that has experience keeping the species could offer any insight on how to create the best possible enclosure. I plan on incorporating live plants and a lot of moss. I would like to add some type of small waterfall/pool in the corner for aesthetics. However, I've read that outside of breeding, fire salamanders would rarely use it and it could be a drowning hazard. Should I incorporate an automatic mister? Any substrate suggestions? All information is appreciated.


Otterwoman 5th March 2018 12:51

Re: S. Salamandra vivarium suggestions
Look at caudata culture in my sig and find the care sheet! Or look in the subsection on the forum dealing with them.

John 6th March 2018 06:30

Re: S. Salamandra vivarium suggestions
Salamandra require good ventilation, some types more than others (you don't mention what kind of fire salamander it is). The pool is a fine idea but keep in mind:
  • It shouldn't be more than 1-1.5 inches deep and requires steps or something to help them exit the water to prevent drowning.
  • They like to defecate in the water bowl so you will need to be able to change the water easily.
  • You must keep the water clean.

BurnsStPete 7th March 2018 22:24

Re: S. Salamandra vivarium suggestions
Thanks John,

I don't pick it up until Saturday but judging by the photos I believe it is S. salamandra. Everything is almost set up. I'll make sure to post pictures this weekend.

John 8th March 2018 14:07

Re: S. Salamandra vivarium suggestions
You mean a subspecies of Salamandra salamandra right? Like Salamandra salamandra salamandra, or Salamandra salamandra gallaica?

BurnsStPete 8th March 2018 17:47

Re: S. Salamandra vivarium suggestions
Yes, sorry. I believe it to be s.s.s.

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