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Default Re: Triturus dobrogicus

All four newts are hibernating right now.
I had to catch them out of their aqua-terrarium, because they didnīt leave the water even when the temperature dropped to 9 °C. They were still eating and very active at those temperatures. Unfortunately it didnīt get any colder in this room, if I could only lower the water-temperature constantly and stable below 5 °C I would let them hibernate fully aquatic and keep them in their tank all year round. But I donīt want to spent the money on a cooling unit, when I have a full working fridge.
I used a simple interior for the hibernation-box; just some leaves and a halved coconut for hiding and a wet paper-towel for moistening. They were living in this setup for three weeks now and I change the paper-towel and leaves once per week, always trying to not disturb the little newts.
I collect the falling leaves from my garden, since there are living wild amphibians, I sterilize those leaves with boiling water and dry them afterwards to prevent infections with chytrid or similar. A few days before the hibernation started I stopped feeding my newts to allow them to empty their gastrointestinal tract.
I will let them hibernate like this until January and then relocate them to their tank. So the total hibernation period will be 8 to 10 weeks.
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