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Default Help, How do i cool down terrestrial tank?

Hello Folks,

i have some troubles cooling down my terrestrial tank and need some advice
i have connected my terrestrial tank to a aquarium chiller rated 1/20hp with a stainless steel pot containing about 2-3 liters of water inside the terrestrial tank.
the temp of the water in the stainless steel container is 22C. but the surrounding air temp in the terrestrial tank is still 26C high?
i tried to lower the chiller temp to 20C but it only seems to drop the surrounding air by 1 degree only to 25C.
i also tried to install a mini-fan to circulate the air inside the terrestrial tank but it seems to increase the temp instead.
i have also insulated the tank with styrofoam sheets. while it didn't lower the air temp inside the tank but it helps the aquarium chiller to "kick in" lesser, saving electricity bills.
may i know what's the usual and proper way to cool down a terrestrial tank?
is it ok for the terrestrial tank to have 25-26C air temp and water is about 20-22C?
i am keeping Ambystoma opacum for this terrestrial tank.

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