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Default Re: Help, How do i cool down terrestrial tank?

Thanks for your advice.
i experiment with some changes, i replaced the Glass tank with a Styrofoam Box,
the styrofoam box is 60cmx45cmx30cm (LxBxH). about 1.2 inches thick. i drilled some ventilation holes 5mm big on the top of the styrofoam box cover for fresh air exchange
i placed a Bigger/Taller stainless steel pot (diameter 25cm x H 20cm) with 10L of water into the styrofoam box, used a small pump to pump water into my aquarium chiller. i covered the stainless steel pot with stockings to prevent the marble sallies from climbing in and drowning
i set the aqua chiller to 20C and now it seems the air temp in the styrofoam box is 23C.i monitored for a few days and it seems stable at 23C
the substrate i used is Coco husk+bark chip,.a few drift woods for hiding places. no water dish provided.

a few questions below:
1) is it safe to use styrofoam boxes to house sallies? can they dig out and escape?
2) there is quite a lot of condensation from the stainless steel pot, is this going to cause too high humidity?
3)the 5mm ventilation holes on the styrofoam box cover enough for air exchange?
4) there is no light in the styrofoam box. is light necessary?

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