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Default New tank mini cycle?

Just looking for a little advice in case I'm not doing something right.

I just moved into a new apartment a little over a week ago and upgraded my axie's 15 gal. tank to a 55 gal. I transferred the old substrate, hide, and a few plants into the new tank and a friend with several established tanks gave me some seeded filter media to get the cycle restarted. At the moment the tank's parameters are at .25ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, and 40ppm nitrate. The PH and hardness have been fairly consistent from our old place and the temperature has been holding at 68 degrees (a little warmer than I'd prefer, but not bad). Clearly since there is nitrate present I can assume that the cycle has at least started, but I'm concerned about the ammonia. Its been sitting at the same level for a week and only went up a couple of times (I did 20% water changes when that happened), but hasn't decreased. So my question is: is it actually going through a mini cycle and am I doing alright by allowing a little ammonia to remain in the tank to feed the growing bacteria, and how long would it be estimated until the cycle is stable again?

I should also mention that my axolotl is in the tank and is showing no signs of stress. I've been keeping a close eye on him but am still a bit worried about the ammonia levels.
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