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Rep: birdvideo has started on the right path

Sorry, I didn’t answer your question. Crickets are good. Gut load them as usual. Variety is best. I always tried to have fruit flies in the terrarium, too. Both my Gray and Green Treefrog’s favorite food was wild caught “house” flies. In warmer months I would run fly traps. Some people disdain feeding them because, obviously, you introduce bacteria. The flies are feeding on dead bodies and animal feces. I never had a problem and they loved them. I also fed meal worms but they had to be “trained” to eat them. Thread a sewing needle with black thread. Don’t tie a knot. Thread the needle through the end of the meal worm and pull the thread through to ¼” from the end. Stick the needle to a magnet on a dowel and use this fishing pole to offer the food. Once they take it give a quick jerk to retrieve the thread. Once they are taking them just offer them in a bowl. I gave some eggs to a friend to raise. His ate them from a bowl right away, but I always had to use the trick- even with captive born ones. Hope this helps.
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