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Default Re: Worm farming - almost everything you need to know.

I just found this thread. There are so many ways to raise worms, I thought that I'd throw my 2 cents in....

I currently use a 15 gallon tub filled about 2/3 full of damp peat moss. I spread my worms (I use red worms) on top and wait for them to burrow into the substrate and then add a thin layer of kitchen scraps (NO DAIRY or MEAT products) for food. I put a wet sheet of newspaper on top, put the lid on and let them eat. I check them daily and add more scraps and sprinkle some vitamin/calcium powder over that.

I do not feed them paper. To me that's the same as feeding my Lotl's paper. It's a cycle, what I feed the food that I feed to my critters goes down the line.

I also do not purchase worms that are strictly raised for bait. The return that I get from my red worm's besides a great food source for the Lotl's and my other amphibians is compost for my garden.

If you want more info, check out this website: Redworm Basics
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