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Default Re: Advices for heavily neglected - near death axolotl

first of all make sure the water is super clean, you want a pH on the high end of normal (dont let it drop below 7.0) since too low will irritate the skin more.

if its an infection you might see improvement after a round of treatment with furan-2, use half the recommended fish dose on the box. you can see a list of other safe medicines here

it looks like ammonia or nitrite burns to me so id also recommend Methylene blue dips to detox the nitrites, again only use half the fish dose for axolotls (furan 2 also includes Methylene blue but at lower concentrations so just an extra measure if you already have it)

you can also try adding tannins to the water but id wait to do that after using the medicine as it can make it harder for the medicine to work into the skin. you can add tannins with pure black tea, just make sure the box only has tea leaves as an ingredient, there are threads about how to do a tea bath when the time comes.
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