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Hi there! I am soon to be getting 2 axolotls in the next little bit here, I have a tank and already have my filter all figured out as well as my substrate (play do play sand. The purple and blue mixed together. Hoping it looks cool lol). I'm getting some Java fern as well as Java moss and a Marimo Moss ball for the tank to add some natural plants to the tank but I am not 100% sure what kind of theme I'm wanting for the tank but I want to use PVC pipes and clay pots as hides. I'm using a 40 gallon tank and will be setting uptank dividers to section off smaller spaces for the babies until they get bigger but I want to know good CHEAP (I'm broke from buying the tank) hides to use for the axos when I get them other than what I am going to be using as a final tank setup when they get older. (Will be using the clay pots and PVC when they get older)
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