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Default Struggling with cycling - Tank temperature?


I'm starting my first tank to get my long awaited axolotl (wanted one for about 10 years!) and i'm running into a bit of trouble. Its been a week since I started cycling and my ammonia isn't dropping.

I'm using household ammonia from Homebase (UK) which looks to be just ammonia and water so thats all good. I think I may have overdone it a little on the ammonia at the beginning (I only bought paper water chemistry testers but I have an API kit now which is way more accurate) but its stuck at 4ppm for quite a few days now . Weirdly, I do seem to have 0.25ppm nitrites so I must be doing something right?

I'm ONLY NOW seeing everywhere people saying that you need a high temperature for cycling (absolute news to me!). My tank is currently at 20C (room temp) BUT is does happen to be a tropical tank with a heater which I intended not to use.

So basically my question is, should I use my tank heater and increase the temperature of the tank to speed up cycling, then take it out and reduce the temperature once the cycle is over? What would I increase it to? Would it really help?

Thanks :)
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