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Default Re: Struggling with cycling - Tank temperature?

Originally Posted by Donna001 View Post
Cycling can take a month or two to complete. You do not need a heater, but sometimes it can help speed up the process.
It will also help if you can seed your filter with mature media from a cycled tank. Do you know anyone who can provicde you with some? If not, just let me know and I can send you some.
Hi Donna!

I did anticipate it being a long process but I would like to get my axie before Christmas! Unfortunately I don't know anyone with a fish tank at the moment...could you really send me some mature media? Where abouts in the UK are you? Can it survive through the post? (i'm such a novice at this i'm sorry!)

EDIT - Just spotted you're in Cambridge, I was just up there today! I don't suppose you know anyone selling axies around the area do you...?
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