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Default Re: Struggling with cycling - Tank temperature?

Originally Posted by Luca1980 View Post
also - don't change the water when you are in the middle of a cycle. Patience is one of the most important ingredients when establishing a new tank :)
Nooo I already changed 25% of the water I'm just so worried that i've somehow managed to ruin this and I really really don't want to have to start again! The water change brought the ammonia down to around 2ppm, nitrites still at 0.25 and nitrates at like 10-20ppm...nothing makes any sense and I have no idea what's going on, its so frustrating My next plan was actually to replace like 50% of the water over the weekend and add the heater in to speed things up a bit...but should I not do a water change?

Will the bacteria be able to adjust to the temperature being warmer and then suddenly 5/6 degrees cooler?

Thanks for your help btw :)
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