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Unhappy Not sure if sick? Axolotl refusing to eat and water parameters are all clear. PLEASE HELP!!

Hello all,
I just got my first Axie in August, and I'm relatively new to tank keeping in general (I know, I'm dumb). My little guy (going to use male pronouns because why not) is less than a year old (roughly 4-5 months according to Underground Reptiles) and he was doing really well until recently.

He was eating about 1 whole nightcrawler every day (after I cut it up into edible sized pieces, of course), but his appetite had a sudden 180, and now he straight up refuses to eat them! I have bloodworms (frozen) that I did occasionally feed him, just to give him some variety, and he'll take a few of those and then not eat. He'll curl his gills forward and back against the tank walls! It breaks my heart, because he was so happy and hungry last week.

I don't know if he's sick or just super stressed. I just did a rather large water change about three days ago, because my nitrates were at about 80ppm, and I moved him to a separate container for the duration of it to avoid stressing him too much. He was thrashing about in the container for the first minute or so, but seemed fine after that. But, now he refuses to eat and I'm worried I'm going to lose my baby. PLEASE HELP!
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