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Default Re: Advices for heavily neglected - near death axolotl

Originally Posted by SimoneB View Post
Thanks for the great advices, i will surely proceed in this direction.

I would like to ask a couple more questions
1- what about the fridging? Should i remove the ax or not? I think removing it just after 2 days would cause more stress.
2-what about eating? This is to me the real emergency. Because it's getting thinner and thinner and refusing to eat anything at all. Any advices on how to help gain weight?

Please take note that i have tried the following food:
1- earthworms - totally refused, not even interested by the movement
2- fish cubes - some interest (couple pieces eaten in a couple of weeks)
3- chicken heart - often interested but recently refusing all feeding attempt
4- chicken meat - as fish cubes

Thanks in advance for the support
fridging will slow down metabolism so id keep them cold for now, its probably your best chance at having time for the treatments to work.
are the fish cubes bloodworms or brine shrimp? if not id try those. if you can get some gel food mix (repashy is the brand here, its normally sold for reptiles) or melt carnivore pellets in hot water you could pipette it into the mouth and maybe the taste would make him more eager to eat, ive seen a thread where that helped

i wouldnt try and feed them more chicken, its not what they are meant to eat so its hard to digest and this guy really needs easy foods right now. hope he gets better soon!
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