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Default Re: Help identifying salamander once thought to be axolotl

Originally Posted by bellabelloo View Post
I think he is an axolotl . Now he has morphed, care for him as if he is a Tiger salamander. It's worth asking the person you got him from to find out his history. If you find out more, please let us know :)
I can give you all the information I have about him!

He was (supposedly) about seven or eight months old when I got him.

I have no idea who his original owner was. The person I bought him from really didn't give me much. She was honestly a bit defensive and more interested in telling me that it was perfectly natural for them to morph sometimes, that he wasn't HER breeding, and that he was 'at least in a good home!'

That day I saw her putting another morphed one up for sale, so I started asking and she said that he wasn't related to mine, but he came in the same shipment and morphed in transit. (Would have been nice to have known before purchasing mine!!)

I quit asking questions at that point when I saw that she was closing comments on the sale of the other one, apparently because people were asking too many questions about his origin and she said they weren't being 'adults' by asking.

I figured the defensiveness and such just wasn't worth pursuing, so I have no idea beyond where I bought him initially.

I recently noticed thought that my little guy doesn't have five toes on his back feet like my other axolotl. Well. Sort of. He has four full toes and one really short 'half?' toe on each foot. So basically four toes.
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