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Default Re: Hibernate red bellied toads

The parents were removed a day after they stopped spawning and were returned to their own tank. The spawn hatched in the bucket about four days after it was laid. Two days later the tadpoles were put in a 60cm aquarium with water about two inches deep, at about 22/23c. About 50 tadpoles hatched and all have survived so far. A little fresh water at the same temperature is added everyday. The tadpoles are feeding well on algae and a fish flake for enhancing the colour red. They grow rapidly and are swimming strongly now, so i have added a sponge filter run off a small air pump. This won't cause too much turbulence in the water to disturb them and won't suck them in like a canister filter could. As they get bigger i will do more regular water changes.
The adults can spawn several times a year if conditions are right. My female was still fairly plump with eggs even after spawning, and is even bigger now, so she may spawn again in a few weeks.
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