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So far I have observed that if she spends too much time in the water she gets fatter and sometimes will start foaming from the mouth. If she stays out of the water long enough she gets really skinny and shows the fact that she hasnít eaten in over two months. Do to this I have put together a possible theory. I believe that the longer she stays in the water the more her body absorbs and for some reason her body is just collecting it making her feel full and not having to eat. I think that if I replace her water source with very wet paper towel, this will let her only absorb the amount of water needed to stay hydrated and not too much. Thus allowing her her to get skinny like she should be and this will make her realize that she needs to eat. I believe that if Iím wrong that this could possibly kill her. But Iím out of options and sheís dieing so I have to take the risk. I want to ask for your opinions on this and ask if anyone knows why her body is possibly collecting so much water that sheís foaming from the mouth and she doesnít think she needs to eat. Cause if I canít find a way to fix this permanently and my theory is right then chances are that if I can get her to eat but her body is still collecting water, then Sheíll never be able to be with open water again. I want her to be able to swim with her friends again. So if anyone has anything to say please do tell me.
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