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Default Re: Ammonia and Nitrate Concern and Questions

Originally Posted by landonewts View Post
I did not know that Prime can give false ammonia readings! I have been treating water with Prime for daily 20% water changes on a new cycled (I think) 10 gallon tank, but ammonia levels are consistently between .25 and 1ppm, not where Id like them. I moved my juvenile axolotl to a small tank, and even after a water change am getting crazy ammonia levels on both tanks. This knowledge helps! Im going to let the tank sit for a while and then test again.
I know this is an old post, but I had the same thing happen. My water was perfect then one day it spiked, and nothing helped lower the ammonia. Come to find out it was my water conditioners. Some that take the chlorine out will change it to ammonia. So no matter how many changes you do, it's just raising the ammonia. Use either Prime or repti water; these both have not given me any problems.
If unsure it's your water conditioner take plain water add the conditioner wait five minutes then test. This is how I found it out. Without anything, the to water was fine then tested with, and the ammonia was off the charts..
Hope this helps anyone else that might run into this
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