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Default Re: Terrestrial Substrates: what do you use?

I am using forest floor coco material but will be adding some organic soil and some "special dirt" when I fully replace the substrate. I also put some expandable moss that comes in a brick on top. I will be replacing that with live moss if possible also.
I am very curious what the advantages of these elaborate layered substrates are. There is even this setup from another thread with a filter.
" The enclosure is a 10g aquarium. There is an undergravel filter (from a fish tank) with the air towers. On top of that is 3 inches of aquarium gravel, then about 4 inches of cypress mulch mixed with coconut husk mulch. That is topped off with a layer of cork bark covered in live Sphagnum moss. The salamander usually hang out under the cork bark, but occasionally will be between the moss and the bark. All of this is misted daily with Reverse Osmosis water, usually in the morning. The bottom of the tank has a drain so any excess water just fall out of the tank"
I will ask the poster to comment here about its advantages.
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