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Default Re: Best Filter for my Situation?

Multiple sponge filters? Really for $40 you can get pretty much any quality hang on back filter for that size tank. : AquaClear 20 Power Filter - 110 V, UL Listed (Includes AquaClear 20 Carbon, AquaClear 20 Foam & AquaClear 20 BioMax) : Aquarium Filters : Pet Supplies

Remember, you can't over filtrate. 3 axolotls, especially 6" ones, is in fact too much for a 20 gallon, however if you up your water changes to 50% weekly and put in two sponge filters and a better hang on back filter like the link above, you should be fine for now. Now is very much present and not even in the near future. I have a 20 gallon with one axolotl in it, which I feel is a bit of a stretch as it is. You'd be better off spending that $40 on another 20 gallon tank on craigslist and a new filter for it.

Edit: Filtration > Flow. Be more worried about water quality and less worried about current. Current is something to fix if you have the problem, which you probably won't. The only time current is too high for an axolotl is if they're being constantly pushed around the tank by it. Axolotls can live in water as long as it's not white water rapids-tier current, but they can't live in water that isn't clean.
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