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Unhappy Re: Axolotls stressed by ammonia

Iím gonna be honest here Iím new at this kinda stuff and i didnít know anything about cycling a tank .. I know that bad and I feel really bad for not knowing, kinda embarrassed :/ but my lotls are in the tank and doing just fine they both are eating, Iíve been giving them cut up Canadian night crawls, blood worms and some peddles, but mostly the night crawls, the other day picked up a fresh water master test kit and I got readings saying I had ammonia 0.25ppm nitrite 0.25 ppm and my nitrate was 0ppm .. I did a 20% water change and cleaned everything I seen out with my siphon, today I checked again after water change and put my water conditioner ( API stress coat in) 35 gallon tank and my reading now are - high range pH 7.4 ammonia is still 0.25ppm nitrite is 0ppm and nitrate is 5.0ppm.. Iím just wondering what I do next Iím stuck? I need help please I care for these little guys and I know I should of done more research they seem to be doing ok though I just get worried and over think.
Do I keep doing water changes until ammonia is at 0ppm and nitrites stay at 0ppm
What do I do next.
Also I would like to add sand into my aquarium this Weekend how would I do that possibly? Take out some water plus lotls and put my sand in? Thanks in advance I really need to know what to do or if itís toxic to hurt my lotls ...
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