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If his tank got that hot it could certainly cause some problems. I can't say for sure what problems a cat peeing in the tank might have done, that's a new one on me, but if it were the case I imagine it would cause an ammonia spike, which combined with high temperatures would absolutely be bad for his health. I don't suppose you were able to test the water before you emptied the tank?

First thing's first, if the tank is still empty I would refill it with dechlorinated water and test the parameters. It may need to cycle again. For his skin, i think maybe tea baths would be the way to go rather than salt baths unless it's fungus. If you're able to post pictures I'm sure somebody here will be able to give you a better idea.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Taking proper care of him is your responsibility, but you do not control the weather or feline incontinence, it's gotten really hot in the last few days here as well, and on friday my tanks got hotter than I would like while I was at work.

I do feel, however, that I have to ask. Why do you think your son's cat peed in the tank?
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