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Default Lime green splotches on Whiteís Tree Frog

My 11 year old male Whiteís tree frog yoda started going downhill awhile back. I wasnít sure what to do and unfortunately let him be for awhile. It wasnít until he stopped eating that I got on top of my game. I switched him out of his old tank into a smaller, more sterile one. Itís around 6 gallons and itís the only spare one I had. I cleaned it out really well with vinegar and hot water and I set it up with moist paper towel along the floor, a hiding cave, and a water bowl that is filled daily with treated water. It is right by a window so it receives lots of day light and it has a 40 watt bulb that is on one side of the tank that keeps it around 78-83 during the day and at night temperature does not get below 70 and hovers closer to 73. I thoroughly mist the tank when I wake up, before I go to school, I get my mom to mist it once while Iím at school, and then I mist it multiple times in the afternoon, so humidity is usually around 60%. He had gotten quite skinny and was not eating or pooping, so I eventually had to force food into him. After that he started getting better, I bought some butter worms from the store to fatten him and he really loves those, over the past 2 weeks he has eaten 8 as well as 3-4 crickets. Once the butter worms are gone I will switch him to mainly crickets. I am working on phasing him out of worms. Oh and I do have a calcium supplement to dust the bugs with. He has pooped but they are small poops. I gave him a honey bath today because I heard that that can help with pooping. He seemed to enjoy it and did not try to climb out, instead he kind of relaxed and fell asleep. He is pretty stationary during the day, like most frogs, but he is active at night, climbing on the walls, soaking in his water dish and walking around. In the morning I usually find him in his water dish, but by the time I leave for school he has transferred out of his dish and into his cave. He is on the skinny side but is getting fatter. His belly is white and he has a tinge of pink on his legs but he has always had that so I donít think that itís red leg disease. Anyways thatís just the background on him. My main concern is the ugly lime green blotches on him. He has always been brown although sometimes turns green when being handled so that makes me think that green is his stressed out colour rather than the other way around. But the green spots stand out quite a bit. Iíve done a lot of research on it but I canít at all figure out what it is. Some people have said that itís normal and others websites say that heís due to keel over just about any second now. He has had them for awhile but definitely not forever which leads me to believe that they are not normal. So I am
Not at all sure how to treat it?? I know some sort of antibiotic bath but it needs to be something I can get over the counter. We have no exotic vets in my area and I canít afford a checkup and also buy whatever medication unfortunately
Please help!! I will try my best to answer any questions and please let me know what I can do to help him!!
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