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Default Re: accepting are your spouses/family about your hobby?

Heh I saw this post and had to laugh. For years I wanted an axolotl, bought one about 3 months ago only to find out that night it was actually a tiger salamander larvae, and when we got him he looked abused (damaged gills, skinny). After a week he plumped right up and developed this adorable personality; he would follow us around the room, he would come right up and let you touch him, even he would sit at the surface and open his mouth expecting food to fall into it since he liked to be hand fed. And then while I was at college, a few weeks later, within a matter of days he just evolved... into a tiger salamander.

His name is Muffin. Actually, we don't even know if it is a he lol. But my family likes him, my mom says he's a little brat since the only way he eats is if you hand feed him. I find when I am home people in my room looking at him, so i'm glad that my family is supportive of my love for "odd" creatures as they call them. We also have two African clawed frogs (one is about 17 years old and counting), so they are used to it by now hah. Originally I was going to take Muffin to college, but because of his size and the fact he is on land, he wasn't allowed (he was supposed to be an axolotl and only water based things are allowed). Either way, here and there my mom complains but she's ok with feeding Muffin his bugs and stuff, even though he doesn't really seem to like live bugs. My dad walks in and laughs, trying to find out where he burrows (alls you see is his eyes or nostrils sticking out of the dirt). Its almost like a game. Between Muffin and the two frogs, we have interesting pets. Even the frogs have personalities; the 17 year old one talks to you if you talk to him. I love them. We also have a cat, but personally... I'm not much of a fan of common animals or things with fur. I always liked frogs and lizards and bugs.

or as my family says "weird things". Yet they secretly love those weird things since they go on and on and on about them and can't wait to show them off to guests.

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