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Default Re: accepting are your spouses/family about your hobby?

I live in an off campus college apartment with 3 other roommates, and I found my eastern newt when I went out fishing with my roommates. We thought he was cool and brought him back (don't know what we were thinking, were like kids). My roommates didn't really care too much for the little guy, they wanted to just keep him in a little pet keeper designed for hermit crabs, but I did research on the little guy, which led me to this forum, and led me to buy a 10 gallon tank setup with aquarium plants, a filter, a turtle dock, spending more than 150 dollars for this little guy. My roommates think he's cool, wish he'd do more to "entertain" them besides swim around the tank, but they wouldn't take care of them.

My girlfriend is skeptical about me keeping an amphibian, she was scared to go near my newt when I first got him, but after investing much time and money into the tank, she likes to get involve too. She likes watching him eat nightcrawlers and she even bought me an aquarium plant for the tank.

I believe people are just turned off by this little "water lizard creature" when they first see them, but after awhile, they end up liking newts and salamanders.
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