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Default Re: accepting are your spouses/family about your hobby?

My son is only three. So other than the occasional time I spend with my lotls that he'd rather spend with me he doesn't care. He is willing to "help" though I often discourage it because of the huge mess "helping" creates. We live in my house. I have a spare room just for my hobbies where I keep my empty tanks/supplies. My mom keeps my son at my house on the weekends when I work and she is willing to feed everyone and do tasks like, "There's a sick lotl in the fridge can you suck out the poop every night so it doesn't die?" but not much else. I have even kept a few lotls at her house but I still had to drive over there to clean the tanks.
Mom would like it if I had fewer tanks and lotls but she's more supportive of that than other things I could be doing, like dating, so she goes along with it.
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